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Hurricane Season & Your Roof: 3 Things to Look Out For

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Hurricane season is already underway here on the East Coast and we’ve been hit by some pretty big storms in the last few decades. When you’re planning ahead for a major hurricane that may be making its way toward your area, you should also prepare your roof to withstand the high winds and heavy rain that come with these storms.

The roof of a home is vulnerable to damage during hurricanes, especially if it’s been damaged before. While you may be able to repair small holes and dents on your own, there are some instances when it’s best to contact a professional roofing company immediately.

In general, roofs can sustain some damage but if a significant impact is made during the, then it might be time for repairs or a roof replacement once it’s over.

How Can You Protect Your Roof?

There are several ways that homeowners can prepare for an upcoming storm season. This includes having your roof inspected before storm season. Your roof should be inspected by a professional on both the interior and exterior to check for any signs of wear or tear.

You should also check gutters regularly so they don’t become blocked by leaves or other debris (which could lead to leaks.)

Another key to protecting your roof and your home during hurricanes is to make that the sure trees around the house aren’t close where branches could fall on top of the roof during high winds and cause problems.

High winds can send things flying through the air that could strike a roof and cause damage. In high winds especially, gutters can be blown off and shingles can get torn right off the roof, leaving exposed wood vulnerable to damage.

Shingles are somewhat fragile and can easily be damaged by high winds, especially if they’re left exposed for a long time. If you’ve ever seen a tree top blown off in a storm, you know how strong these winds can be!

Even if shingles are only lifted up, it can loosen the seal around the nails holding them in place. This can allow water to leak into the roof decking and rafters, causing damage below the shingles. As a result, it’s critical that you have a good understanding of how hurricanes affect your home’s roof and what you should do about it in preparation and after a storm passes through.

Water intrusion can cause both short-term problems like mold buildup and long-term structural issues such as rotting wooden support beams beneath your roofing.

Understanding the dangers posed by hurricanes can give you peace of mind as you prepare for them. If your home has experienced hurricane damage, we recommend that you contact a professional for repairs as soon as possible. They’ll be able to assess the situation and make sure everything is safe before going any further with their work.

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