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Will Solar Panels Void My Roof Warranty?

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If you’re considering installing roof-top solar panels on your home to save money on energy costs, you may have ]questions. One of those questions might involve your roof’s warranty. 

Will rooftop solar panels affect your warranty? In this article, we’ll address that question. But first, it’s worthwhile to take some time to understand roof warranties. 

The Elements of a Roof Warranty

It’s important to understand that roof warranties generally have two components. The first is the workmanship of the person or company who installed the roof. While timelines vary, this warranty is generally good for about 10 years. If any errors were made in installation, you can have them corrected under the terms of the warranty. 

The second part of the warranty involves the roofing materials that were installed on your roof. This part of the warranty is guaranteed by the manufacturer of the materials, not the person or company who installed them. These warranties generally range from 25 to 50 years, depending on the products involved. If your roof springs a leak due to the breakdown of materials or sustains wear and tear during this time, the manufacturer will cover the costs to make replacements as long as the terms of the warranty have been followed. 

Will Rooftop Solar Panels Void My Warranty?

In general, the answer is “no,” but you do need to be careful when it comes to the installation and ensure inexperienced installers aren’t drilling holes in your roof or failing to weatherproof the installation adequately. It’s important that the solar company you use understands its craft very well, along with the consequences of a clumsy installation. 

If your solar provider fails to follow the best practices set down by the roof product manufacturer, your warranty could be invalidated. Examples of careless work that could damage the roof (and the warranty) include compromising roofing membranes or cracking tiles, failing to use waterproofing materials when installing racking systems, or using the wrong fasteners to attach footings to your roof. 

Be Sure the Solar Panel Warranty Covers Roof Damage

If damage does occur to your roof during the solar panel installation process, the warranty that comes with the panel installation should cover the damage. Before you sign a solar contract, ensure that it contains language to this effect. 

Have Your Solar Installer Consult with Your Roof Installer

Experts recommend that when you decide to install rooftop solar, you have the installers consult with your roofing contractor to ensure that warranty conditions are being maintained. The roofer can offer guidelines to the solar installation crew that will help prevent any damage to your home’s roof. 

Consult a Roofing Professional

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